The new version of DCA’s “NPL Guide” gathers the most valuable knowledge for overdue debts in texts and attractive visions

Confidence and the ability to adapt to sudden changes in the world are two essential qualities for success. They are particularly important in the delicate area of ​​debt management, where the consequences of any mistake increase in the future. Driven by our desire to preserve and pass on useful skills and abilities, we at the Debt Collection Agency (DCA), part of B2Holding, prepared a new version of our NPL handbook – “How to navigate in the NPL world“. In short texts and attractive visions we summarized more than 11 years of experience on the Bulgarian market, adding and adapting the knowledge of one of the largest groups in the sector in Europe – the Norwegian B2Holding.  

Our practice has taught us how important it is for a company to be prepared and to know how to react to processes and events threatening its financial stability. Debt management is a delicate matter that requires economic and legal knowledge, as well as skills, often typical for psychologists and engineers – working with people and building trust. Any case won’t be completed successfully without such an ingredient.

We are living in a period of profound changes, so the new version of our NPL handbook is the compass that will help every business to find the right direction in the midst of the coming waves of overdue receivables. It is useful for those who are yet to face the problem, as well as for those who have already encountered it and are looking for a better solution.

We hope that you will find useful information in a short and eye-catching handbook, such as the DCA’s NPL handbook. The edition offers a meeting with the management team of DCA and we hope it will inspire you for better results and make you believe that it is easy to overcome obstacles for growing with the right partner.

Read the full handbook “How to navigate in the NPL world” here. 

Enjoy reading!