Frequently asked questions

See the answers to the most frequently asked questions from customers:

Who are you?

Debt Collection Agency is a sole-owned joint-stock company (EAD), specialized in the purchase of secured and unsecured portfolios of individuals and companies from banks, non-banking financing institutions, telecoms and others. We are part of the Norwegian B2Holding Group, which operates in 23 European countries.

Why do I have to pay to you?

If you receive a letter from our company or our representative contacts you, then this means that we have acquired your obligation under a cession contract between us and your creditor. We take the creditor’s rights to your claim, which means that all payments should be directed to us and carried out in any of the ways listed below.

What is a cession?

Cessions are legally regulated in the Obligations and Contracts Act and that is an agreement whereby the creditor of a claim transfers it, by contract, to a third party. According to Art. 99 of the LCA, the transferred claim is assigned to the new creditor, together with its privileges, collaterals and other accessories.

How do I service my debt?

We have tried to make the servicing of claims, which have been transferred to our company, convenient to you using a wide network of payment venues.

You can make a payment in one of the following ways:

  • Using a bank transfer: In every branch of UBB AD, to our account BG93UBBS80021028746440, BIC: UBBSBGSF. Please, quote three names and PIN in the justification form.
  • Via the EasyPay cashiers, just with your system’s debt number and free of charge for our customers (including weekends and public holidays).
  • Through BTC EAD (Vivacom) cash desks, only for liabilities expressly mentioned in this option.

Why is it important to pay my debt?

First of all, because people without debts are the happier part of our society. The responsible attitude has its privileges, which are easier access to loans and other financial services, but also lower additional costs and fees that can be charged in the course of court debt collection.

How will I communicate with you as a new lender of my obligation?

It is important for us to constantly keep in touch with you, to assist and participate actively in choosing the most appropriate solution to the situation, and to be able to promptly notify you of the actual amount of your obligation, innovations or current campaigns in which you can take part. The main ways to communicate with us are:

  • By phone, every work day from 08:30 to 19:00, and on saturdays from 08:30 to 17:00 o’clock. The phones you can contact us on are:
    0700 45 600 – for credit products (loans, credit cards, overdrafts, etc.)
    02 408 40 70 – for debts to telecoms and company invoice obligations
    02 408 01 00 – for court receivables
  • Through our e-mail or the contact form on the site.
  • By letters delivered to your mailbox or against a signature. Please, read carefully the content that is prepared for you and always call back if it is impossible for you to observe the instructions given in the letter.
  • At our address, which can be found in the Contacts section, please always arrange your visit with our experts in order to be quick and effective.

Will I get a document if I pay my debt?

Of course! Debt Collection Agency EAD will issue a certificate for your repaid debt after you request it through our online platform, in a phone call or via email/chat. You can obtain the document in our office or by courier, after a pre-arranged day and delivery address. Our clients often attach these certificates when applying for credit services to demonstrate the honesty of their commitments under previous contracts.

I pay, but the obligation does not get reduced. Why?

Sometimes the amounts you pay are very small, so they can not cover the interest for the delay. Therefore, it is important to hear the advice of our consultants and to exactly fulfill your commitments. The interest for delay is laid down in Decree No 426, dated 18.12.2014 and it is fixed by the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) basic interest rate plus 10 percentage points.

Example 1: Duty of BGN 500 The monthly interest rate (BIR + 10% / 12) is BGN 4.17, with a payment of BGN 100 after accruing the monthly interest, the whole payment will be reflected on the claim (504,17 BGN already) and the new balance will be 404,17 BGN.

Example 2: Liability amounting to BGN 15,000 The monthly interest rate for delay (BIR + 10% / 12) is BGN 125 and any payment below this value will not decrease the debt currently. If a payment of BGN 100 per month is received, the real balance will be BGN 15,025 despite the repayment.

Your employee visited me at my address. Why?

Debt Collection Agency EAD has a network of experts who visit our clients to negotiate specific commitments to repay debts. They identify themselves with their business cards and they will choose the best repayment terms with you, with specific terms and amounts. Our employees do not collect cash money and do not issue revenue documents on behalf of the company, the only legitimate ways to pay the obligation are the ones mentioned above.

How and why do you handle my personal data?

As an administrator of personal data, DCA EAD has the right to process personal data (within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act such as: name, personal ID, address, telephone, place of birth of the person, etc.) to its clients, whose receivables it has purchased. The processing of the said data is carried out solely for the purposes of the activity of collection of receivables carried out by the company in compliance with all the legal requirements for their preservation and protection.

Why do my data appear in the CCR at the BNB?

DCA EAD as a financial institution is obliged to submit monthly information on the obligations of its clients in accordance with Ordinance 22 for the BNB Financial Institutions. Information for each credit is submitted for every active credit. Even in the court stage, the loan is submitted to the Central Credit Register of the Bulgarian National Bank until it is paid in full and closed. Information on closed credits is kept within the CCR for a period of 5 years.

My obligation is legal and sent to a Bailiff. What’s next and who shall I address to?

In this case, a writ of execution has been issued against you and an enforcement case has been initiated against a bailiff. You can obtain information about the amount of the debt, the enforcement actions taken and the possibilities for repayment, from the legal advisor of the company responsible for your case or from the representative of the bailiff.

Online Payments

Will there be a fee for the payment?

There are no fees for all card transactions. If any are present, it will be imposed by your servicing bank.

When I will be able to see the payment?

You will be able to see the payment on the online platform in a few minutes. In case of a technical problem leading to a delay, you will be notified for the period in which the information about the payment will be updated but no longer than 24 hours after the payment is made.

Do I have a possibility to pay only with Mastercard and Visa?

Yes, for the moment only payments via “Mastercard” and “Visa” are accepted through the platform.

Can I register more than once?

No. You are able to register yourself only once. As soon as you enter required information, you cannot open a new account with the same data.

Once I have available registration is it possible to change the personal data?

The initially filled in personal data cannot be changed but you are able to add new address and phone numbers in your profile.

What is the minimum amount which I can pay?

If you have any questions regarding to the minimum amount you can pay please contact our representatives at 0700 45 600 or through our Chat platform, or through our contact form in the following link:

How do you protect my personal data?

Your personal data is kept confidential and it is used for account verification purposes only. The personal data you provide us with will be processed, used and stored in compliance to all confidential policies which you are able to find in the following link:

What can I do if I forget my password?

You can change your password by clicking on “Forgotten password” menu which is located on the platform’s homepage –

How can I change my password?

You can choose a new password by clicking on the menu “My data” in your personal profile on the

Do I have to enter my personal data every time when I make a payment through the website?

The personal information that needs to be entered every time is only your card information.

How can I delete the cache memory stored by the browser?

Each browser has different features for cleaning the stored cache memory and even different terminology for this process. For more information about this function, please check “Help” section in your browser.

How to authorise third parties to represent you.

When you authorize another person to represent you before us, we recommend that a notarized power of attorney with specific authority specified is presented. We will consider any power of attorney to be effective until expressly revoked by you – in person and in writing.

Powers of attorney, as well as other official documents drawn up in a foreign country, shall be presented to us certified in a Bulgarian embassy or consulate in the country concerned or legalized, respectively accompanied by an “apostille” and translated into Bulgarian by a sworn translator.

If the power of attorney is unclear, we reserve the right to refuse to accept it.