B2Holding appoints Jussi Mikkonen as Head of Group IT

Jussi Mikkonen joins B2Holding Unsecured Assets Management team as Head of Group IT. He has extensive professional IT knowledge and experience including working with Cloud, AI and machine learning, IT operations and leading digitization transformations. Since the beginning of June, Mr. Mikkonen is analysing the Group operations, solutions in use and future business needs, thus playing key role in AI & Machine Learning project and IT Strategy.

Mr. Mikkonen has comprehensive knowledge in business process and customer experience digitalization. He is innovator, who brings together the latest technologies, industry best practices and top talents to provide value for businesses.

For the past four years, Jussi Mikkonen has had a leading position within OpusCapita Group as a Head of Professional Services. Previously he was Head of Delivery for SAP Finland and Global Head of End User Services at the leading Norway IT services and software company Tieto. Mr. Mikkonen has Bachelors’ in Business Administration and Management from Warwick Business School.