Zornitsa Bankina and Dragomir Milkov were appointed as new acting CEOs of Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agency EAD (DCA), one of the leading debt purchasers and debt collection companies in Bulgaria, appointed a new management.   

Yulia Yurgakieva, the current CEO, has stepped down after three years at the helm and a total of more than 10 years service in the management, during which time she has been instrumental in scaling up the operations of the company and fortifying the brand. She has been replaced by Zornitsa Bankina, until now Business Development Director of DCA, and Dragomir Milkov, representative of DCA Management AD, the company-mother. The change is expected to be adopted in the Business Register in the coming days.

“I am leaving a great team of professionals and I am confident that the best for the company is just ahead. The new leadership has a clear vision on how to develop the company further and be even more successful,” said Yulia Yurgakieva. “We are grateful to Yulia Yurgakieva for her contribution to the development of the company. We wish her much success in her next projects. DCA has built business continuity and a strong team across the years. The new management, in the face of Zornitsa Bankina and Dragomir Milkov, have solid expertise and deep understanding about the sector,” commented Dimitar Bonchev, Chairman of the Board.     

Zornitsa Bankina has been with DCA for 8 years as Business Development Director, having been actively involved in building the current structure of the company. She is a manager with over 20 years of experience in finance and receivables management, software systems integration and customer service center management. Prior to DCA, she has held management positions in two other leading companies in the sector, as well as one of the largest telecoms in the market. At the beginning of June, Zornitsa Bankina was also elected a Member of the Board of the Receivables Management Association (RMA).

Dragomir Milkov, the other new CEO and Board Member, also has solid experience in the debt purchasing and debt collection sector and has been involved in the management of leading companies in the market.

“Leading DCA is an honor, but also a great responsibility. Our company is among the leaders and major investors in the sector. DCA has always been a model of good and ethical management, a trustworthy, loyal and socially responsible business partner and employer. We will strive to preserve and build on what we have achieved so far,” commented Zornitsa Bankina.



DCA is among the leading debt purchasers in the sector in Bulgaria and has been a trusted partner of banks, non-banking financial institutions and telecommunications companies for 13 years. More than 170 people are employed in the company. Since its founding by now, DCA has acquired over separate portfolios with receivables and it is one of the biggest investors in non-performing loans in Bulgaria. Currently, the company holds over 527 thousand debts and manages a portfolio for BGN 1.65 billion in nominal value. DCA is among the market leaders in terms of assets and revenues. The company is also among the most profitables in the sector.