To fly with hot air balloon above one of the most beautiful rocks in the world

The beginning of the year is usually a time to make promises and plans for the new year. Instead of promises, we share with you our new corporate video ⛰️. The history of its making began with the experience of how to recreate in an unexpected, but well-accepted way, the mission and values of our company. We made it one autumn day, in North-western Bulgaria, near the city of Belogradchik, with the help of our project partners – famous photographer Vihar Laskov and his team. 

PRs, director, cameraman, make-up artist, assistants, and balloon flight team, along with two actors, have arrived, trusting the forecasts for good weather. As often happens in the life, the reality was a little different from the forecasts, but then destiny brings unexpectedly good opportunities ⛅. In the end the clouds didn’t stop us from following our intentions and realizing something valuable and authentic. The credits, as we say in such moments, goes to the entire team. 

To have people you can rely on is a key factor behind every successful project. We know it very well, so in Debt Collection Agency we always work as a team and convey trust in relationships with every client. 

It is not a coincidence that the two “actors” are part of the DCA team. With synchronicity and confidence they faced the challenge of flying over the rocks. 

Rising with the hot air balloon gave us pictures we didn’t expect, but they turned out to be the strongest, culminating moments in the video, reminding us that beyond the musty distance there is always something sunny and loading the good mood. So, it is the same in life – with the right team it is possible to look above and overcome the challenges you are facing, to check the limits of your possibilities and even exceed them, to fully discover your potential. 

Because the challenge of tough moments is not just to survive and go ahead. The challenge is to accept the change, which will make you stronger, in better positions and will allow you to grow without limits. 

Enjoy watching! 🌱🎈


The video is the result of our cooperation with Alfa Communications Consulting, Vihro Laskov Photography&Videography and Adventure center – Belogradchik.