B2Holding focuses on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Atlantic Road - B2HoldingWho we are as a company, how we are recognized by our employees, partners and investors? Every successful company asks itself such questions in the changing business world we live in. Ecological, social and responsible corporate governance (ESG) has become part of the intangible assets, determining the present and the future value of our company. 

As a leading debt management provider, operating in 23 countries in Europe, B2Holding increases its attention on sustainable growth and responsible corporate governance. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 even more clearly strengthens the Holding’s mission and shapes the main priorities on its sustainable development – care for the society’s financial welfare, security and satisfaction of the employees. Debt Collection Agency (DCA), as a part of B2Holding, has fully recognized and followed the mission and Holding’s general strategic plans. 

What are our values?

It wasn’t a coincidence that B2Holding disclosed the established company’s values in 2020. Core values are the heart and soul of the company; the common language that is used by everyone, which helps the Group to follow its mission – bringing the gap between creditors and borrowers. 

We, in B2Holding, believe in 5 core values – agility, integrity, diversity, excellence and responsibility. Guided by these values, we are striving to develop and grow, to follow high ethical principles, to build a diverse and equal workplace, to exceed our capabilities and contribute responsibly for the wellbeing of our company, society and environment. 

What are our ESG goals?

B2Holding sets several main goals, as a part of its corporate ESG strategy. Following them and constantly improving their results is a key factor for building trust in all stakeholders. In the first place are the goals, aimed by customers. As a company, dedicated to financial health, B2Holding strives to improve society’s financial literacy and to build payment habits. Hand in hand with these goals is the establishment of general principles for customer attitude, ethical behavior and both increase and measure the customers’ satisfaction. 

Our employees are the second engine in the sustainable development of the Holding. We, in B2Holding, have focused on diversity, acceptance and integrity, on respect and mutual care. We work hard to improve internal communication, build a strong team, talent development and support personal and professional growth. 

Our responsibility as a part of the whole business ecosystem is to strictly follow the legal requirements, prevent corruption and money laundering, support for the free market competition and struggle against unethical commercial practices.  

Protecting the interests of the investors, we strive toward transparency and clear accountability, reduction of reputation risk, reflecting the impact of ESG-criteria in evaluation of the potential investments. 

Last, but not least – every company should promote the protection of the environment. B2Holding sets targets for reducing its carbon footprint, eliminating the use of plastic, reducing paper consumption, recycling and energy saving technologies. 

We believe that the constant dialog with our partners, clients, investors and employees makes us more sustainable as an organization, more confident at defining the company’s strategic goals. We are sure this is the only way to fulfill our vision – to be a leading and trusted partner, who actively transforms the debt management sector.