Yulia Yurgakieva will be the New CEO of Debt Collection Agency

Yulia Yurgakieva will be the new Chief Executive Officer of Debt Collection Agency EAD (DCA), part of the Norwegian B2Holding, which is one of the leading debt purchasers in Europe. The current DCA’s Head of Corporate and Unsecured Receivables Division will assume the position officially on 1st May, replacing Dimitar Bonchev, who has decided to step down after 8 years in the management of the company and over 15 years in the sector. The change has to be submitted to the Business Register. 

On behalf of the Board I would like to thank Dimitar for his devotion to the company, his weariless efforts, high results and professionalism. He and his team have been at the forefront of DCA’s growth  for the last couple of years and have contributed largely to both – turning the company into one of the market leaders and to the strengthening of the sector as a whole. It is not by chance that a person from the current management team will be the new CEO of DCA. I would like to congratulate Yulia Yurgakieva for her new position and my gratitude to her for accepting it. DCA is an important part of our holding structure. Her experience and expertise in the sector, being part of DCA’s management team, as well as her achievements, solid knowledge in the legal field, in combination with her leadership approach, are strong foundation for an upward development of the company. We believe that Yulia has all the required capacity to manage one of the leading debt purchasers in Bulgaria, and she will be able to implement new ideas and models to further improve our services that we offer to our clients and partners”, commented Adam Parfiniewicz, Chairman of DCA’s Board and Head of Unsecured Asset Management Division in B2Holding. 

It has been an honour to participate in the building and development of DCA. I am glad the shareholders decided to appoint a member of the management team as new CEO. Yulia possesses the required leadership skills to continue the upward development of DCA. I will remain at her disposal in order to help and support her until it is necessary”, said Dimitar Bonchev.   

It is a privilege and an act of responsibility to take on the management of a viable and well capitalized company with high liquidity. DCA has a capacity to sustain its role as a key participant in the receivables management market. Our goal is to be a trusted partner of our clients and to bridge the gap between the creditors and the customers with overdue debts, finding solutions for both parties, utilizing all modern technologies for this purpose”, commented Yulia Yurgakieva.     

Yulia Yurgakieva started in DCA in 2013, initially as Head of the Judicial Receivables Department. Under her leadership the department has gradually grown to a division that employs around 100 employees. In the next years she has been Head of Corporate and Unsecured Receivables Division. Yulia has a Master’s degree in Law from Sofia university.