SOS Children’s Villages honors DCA for a long-standing and loyal partnership

At the end of February, the annual event of SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria, which traditionally gathers followers and partners of the association, took place. This year, at the Central Military Club Concert Hall the organization celebrated its 30th anniversary under the name “One Family” and presented its annual corporate partner awards.

Debt Collection Agency received recognition for its contribution to the cause and was given the award for “Long-standing and Faithful Corporate Partner”. The plaque was bestowed by Prof. Dr. Rosen Kolarov, one of the founders of SOS Children’s Villages and a long-time Chairman of the Management Board and was received by Zornitsa Bankina, Business Development Director, Debt Collection Agency Bulgaria.

“All the real stories, that we are part of through the partnership with SOS Children’s Villages make me believe in the good. I really hope that we will work together for many years to come and in this way support this noble cause”, shares Zornitsa Bankina.

DCA has been a partner of SOS Children’s Villages since 2013 and has been running “You Come, We Donate” initiative each year, changing the fate of disadvantaged children. With the help of the company and its other corporate partners, SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria provides a family and a healthy environment for the development and growth of children deprived of parental care or those who are about to lose it. The main long-term goal of the campaign is for every child to have a family and grow up in an environment of love, respect and security.