Mission Paid – valuable advice on managing personal finances in times of crisis

In 2017 The Association of Collection Agencies in Bulgaria (ACABG) launched the “Mission Paid” project, which aims to assist citizens in the management of their debts. A manual has been published, seminars are periodically held raising the financial culture, guidelines for debt prevention are offered, advice is given for how to repay accumulated debts.

In the current volatile and uncertain situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ACABG’s “Mission Paid” initiative provides valuable advice on managing personal finances in times of crisis. The analysis and structuring of income and expenses is something important and useful for everyone. On ACABG’s website, you will find information on the planning of personal and family budgets, approaches and guidelines for prioritizing expences and efficient allocation of available funds.

“Mission Paid” draws attention to the need to communicate with your creditors in a timely manner and to notify them of changes in your financial situation, to negotiate an individual repayment plan, to get acquainted in detail with the possibilities and features of the proposed legal measures in servicing debts.

You can also read how not to fall into the spiral of additional indebtedness and affect negatively your credit history by taking out new loans to pay off existing ones or cover other current expenses.

For more useful information visit https://acabg.bg/mission-paid