A new IT system brings DCA to innovation

Debt Collection Agency (DCA) is implementing an innovative IT data analysis system. The company, part of the Norwegian B2Holding, specializes in buying and managing bad loans, and uses the Qlik Sense system. It is supplied by Balkan Services to help DCA in its core business.

The software, gatherd under the name Business Intelligence (BI), makes it easier to collect and visualize information. The specialized media Cio.bg reports on the implementation of Qlik Sense in DCA. Global BI market will reach USD 34.4 billion by 2022, according to forecasts.

“The size of the company has grown so large that we are generating tens of millions of different data and we have to find a solution that will help us process them and get the results that would help us best manage the business. That’s why we turned to the BI solution”, said Mihail Georgiev, Head of the Credit Risk and Reporting Department In DCA.

At the end of 2017 the pilot project was ready to test the capabilities of one of the main database reports, that is in daily use. The Balkan Services provider offers new options that make it easier for DCA to open up new opportunities. As a result, a lot of time and resources have been saved, and the compilation of the various reports is completely automatic.

The real work on the project starts in July 2018. The teams of DCA and Balkan Services are cooperating at all the time. In the beginning they prepare business analysis for the company’s need. After seeing the process of work the actual information system is also created. The complete solution has been finished in about four months and is ready in December. Earlier this year additional work has been done.

The new system will also be implemented in the subsidiary of DCA in Romania. It will be completely mirror of the Bulgarian version, with only a few little changes in the details. Qlik Sense in Bulgaria and Romania will be independent as IT support, as both are on their own hardware.

Employees in both companies are now able to track real-time business aggregation, goals, performance of individual activities, and the entire collection process. This includes the work from the initial contact to the final result. Data is updated daily automatically.

Each team has a page to observe their own activities. The general section is for everyone in the company. The BI system offers historical analyzes with changes in time and comparisons for different periods. The access of the employees is according to the position they occupy in the company.

„We finalized the entire project a month ago and we are using the BI app very soon. The first feedback from colleagues is that it gives new and much greater opportunities for visualization and comparisons of data”, commented Mihail Georgiev.

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